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Your wedding. Your tale. Harris the events makes sure you narrate your story exactly as you wish. From a boutique wedding party among a few friends or a celebration for many beloved guests, Harris the events will design and execute to perfection everything you have dreamt for your big day. Every moment is unique and as it passes by it has to leave its indelible mark to your memories and in your heart.

Refined luxury, timeless sophistication and effortless elegance are the qualities that distinguish the work of Harris the events. Harris Panagopoulos and his team of magic makers manages to create the perfect setting for you everywhere, both abroad and home. Environmental design, lighting, furniture, flower arrangements, menu creation and custom made cocktails, videos and photos – your wishes are magically fulfilled by Harris the events.

All celebrations planned by Harris the events are tailor made and create experiences that are unforgettable. Consistency, aesthetics, hard work, quality, kindness, authenticity and innovation are the materials that Harris the events use to interpret your expectations to an unforgettable event.