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Based in Patras and open to all metropolis of the world, Harris the events plans the most special and timeless parties, such as “Skordalia”, “Tayandreos”, “Aftofotisteite” during Patras Carnival, “White Tales”, ” After Christmas”. Harris the events is the first choice of leading brands such as Axel, AtoZ, Ancient Greek Sandals, Carroten, Coffee Island to create their own boutique brand event in the city while A list celebrities visiting Patras (Melisses, Tamta, Katie Garbi, Stamatis Krounakis and more) always trust Harris the events to handle with care all their needs. Harris the events knows exactly how to celebrate because Harris and his team listens carefully to your needs, adding some sparkle you: whether it’s a birthday party, corporate event, reunion, anniversary party or a special occasion, just for the fun of it.